Cruisin' On Main

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Cruisin' on Main Street?
Commemorating our 20th Anniversary show we are suspending our age restrictions. We are opening Cruisin' 2020 to ALL years of your beautiful show vehicles for display at Cruisin' 2020. We are especially inviting Car Clubs to attend and park as a group. More details will be available soon.

Where will event cancellation information be posted?
Cancellation information will be posted on the Home page of our web site.

Does my car need to be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)?
Yes, a current and valid DMV registration is required.

Is there a registration fee?
Yes, it is $10.00.
VIP registration is $100.00. 100% donated to MARC Inc.

Am I allowed to pre-register my vehicle?
Cruisin' VIPs can preregister. All other registrations take place on the day of the show. For directions to the registration booths see the Directions page.
VIP Vehicles will have a separate entrance - details will be e-mailed to you. Car Club registration information will be available soon please check the website.

When does registration begin?
Registration begins at 8 A.M. on the day of the event.
VIP Registration is available anytime by calling Melanie @ 860-647-3084 or 3085 and supplying her your information. VIP payment must be paid in advance.
Car Club registration will be available soon - please check back regularly.

How will I know where to park?
You will be directed to your parking place after you have registered. Members of the Gear Head Mafia Car Club will assist you with parking. Look for their bright yellow t-shirts.
Car Club parking information will be available soon. Please check back.

What time should I plan to leave?
You should plan to leave at the close of the show at 3 P.M.

How many vintage vehicles will receive a dash plaque?
The first 700 vintage vehicles to register will receive a commemorative Cruisin' on Main Street dash plaque.

Are trophies awarded?
Yes, Sponsor Choice Trophies will be awarded Your Show Car Registration Card must be displayed in order to be connsidered for an award.

How are trophy winners notified?
A Trophy Winner's card will be placed on the windshield of winning vehicles. Be sure to check your vehicle throughout the day as trophies will be awarded on a rolling basis. If you entered your cell phone on your registration card, we will also notify you by calling your cell phone.

Where and when will the Trophy Award Ceremony take place?
The Trophy Award Ceremony takes place in front of St. James Church, 896 Main Street. Trophies will be awarded on a rolling basis beginning at 2:00 P.M. and ending at 3:00 P.M. The exact time you should report to the Trophy Award Ceremony will be shown on your Trophy Winner's Card.

What does Cruisin'On Main Street do with the money it collects?
All proceeds, after expenses, will be donated to local charities through our Cruisin' on Main Mini Grant Program.
100% VIP's and Friends donations of $100 is given to MARC Inc.

Show cars on display at the Cruisin' 2010 show.
Photo credit: Strong Keepsake Images